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A place for resources, guidance, knowledge and information for anyone who is involved in delivering business change through the employment of projects and so project management, to help keep themselves up-to-date, better still ahead of the game, to keep


The Sustainable PM initiative has been established in order to provide a platform to present all areas and topics relating to delivering business change through projects. in a form of video based tutorials, courses, techniques and even refresher sessions.


This is relevant for all people at all levels vertically and horizontally in organizations, whole organizations, groups and business areas and individuals who are direct or indirectly, and even from just an interest perspective.


COURSES: On-Line or On-Site

Pragmatic Instructional Video-Based Online Tutorials (PIVOT) are courses developed and provided for students to assist understanding of how to use various techniques, approaches and methods for the successful delivery of their projects and also

attain accreditation on project management.

The On-Line video courses and tutorials have been recorded as in a classroom. Many are "stand-alone" subjects, though as a collective provide a very comprehensive understanding of running and delivering projects. There is also a Complete Course for running a project from start to finish - PADOC (Pragmatic Project Approach for Deliver of Change)


They can be watched at leisure and reviewed (cannot do that in a live classroom!) - no powerpoint slides, all content in the session is drawn up as the session progresses to "build the picture"


Also, at DELLA PORTA CONSULTING are details of On-Site and Classroom instruction-style workshops and accreditation courses for delivering business change through Programmes and Projects:


“Best Practice” methods such as AgilePgM, AgilePM, AgileBA, PRINCE2, MSP, MoP and MoR, and PRiSM, (which addresses Sustainability).





The realisation of global, governmental, industrial and private sustainability strategies for the future of our society, environment and economy, through project management.

Offers a project delivery framework to address and realize and organization’s strategy for Sustainability through its well-established PRiSM (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods) methodology.


An igniter in the evolution of the discipline of project management and to improve delivery capability without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The organization's three pillar approach to professional development encompasses Methodology, Education, and Certification, which serve to stimulate current working practices, with an increased awareness of the impact that the project processes and outputs have on the environment, economic and social aspects.




A Parking place for all sorts of information, Process Maps, Vlogs, Blogs, Case Studies


"The PM Advantage"

Looking for something in particular, just wanting some advice, pointer, what's up and coming, news, grassroots stuff.





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