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On-Line Courses

Below are a series of introduction videos that provide an overview of the different course groups that are available on our Course Platform


The First Video - Introduces the Full Course on delivering projects which provides a complete approach with a Life-Cycle, Roles, Themes, Principles and general techniques.


Tutorials (How to videos)


The Introduction Video for Tutorials (how To) gives an overview of the topics in this group and explains that these sessions are about how to use some of the techniques, like Timeboxing and Prioritization.


Techniques (Agility)


The introductory video for Techniques explains the subjects that make up this group. The sessions for the techniques explain their use in a project and what they do. Topics such as Timeboxes, Prioritizing, Delivery Planning and others


Refreshers (Information Topics) This is a free group


We all know some, in fact should be all, of these topics as they are some of the core areas of knowledge. However, I am sure that a quick reminder, "Refresher" if you like, would not go amiss! It is very easy to get into the real thick of things, the detail, have the approach that "I am already across this", however, like driving, we tend to think that and not remember. I am sure if those of us that have been driving for a few years were to be obliged to retake the practical exam, there would some things we have "not forgotten" but just not in the forefront.

So as much as these are topics that seem very simple, basic even, they are none-the-less extremely useful to remember, important to know!


There are two videos included here that are from the course so you can see how the sessions are structured particularly from a presentation perspective, as if a recording from a classroom session.

Video Introducing the Full Course

Pragmatic Project Approach for Delivering of Change (PADOC)

Video Introducing the content of the group of Tutorials ("How To" Topics)

Video Introducing the content of the group of Techniques (Agility)

Video Introducing the content of the group of Information Topics, Refreshers

Video of one of the topics in the Full Course:

Three Questions (we should ask)

Video of one of the topics in the Full Course:

The 5 Project Characteristics

All these courses can be found on the Course Platform at

Full Online Courses