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Successful instructor and consultant for a number of “best practice” project management courses.

Antony continues to provide organizations with expert aid for project recovery and delivery,

as he has done for more than 30 years.

A short video introducing "The Sustainable PM" as to Why and What

This video discusses the "How"

The Sustainable PM


The SPM initiative was established as a place for resources, guidance, knowledge and information for anyone who is involved in delivering business change, through the employment of projects and so project management. By this is meant all people at all levels vertically and horizontally in organizations, organizations themselves, groups and business areas and individuals who are direct or indirectly, and even from just an interest perspective.


It’s so important that as individuals/PMs keep ourselves sustainable, able to keep working well into the future by ensuring we are up to speed and even ahead of the most effective and productive way of bringing about positive change in organizations so these organizations keep sustainable as well.


Site Aims


The aims are to:


• Provide the depth and detail through classroom style video sessions, and other formats

• empower change delivery agents (PMs if you like) to be even more effective

• provide content on delivering change in various degrees from the newcomer to the experienced in projects

• refresher and new content

• present the topics and material in a more personal engaging and refreshing manner – “classroom style”

• follow the courses without the pressure of an exam so uptake is deeper and the content more easily absorbed because one is relaxed





As professionals in delivery of business change for organizations we, Project, Programme and Portfolio managers, need to be changing and keeping ourselves, not just up-to-date but AHEAD with more effective and efficient ways of bringing about these business changes.


We have to keep ourselves Sustainable and by this meaning that in order for us to be able continue providing the expertise and so carry on working, that expertise must be current at least and at best ahead of the game.


However, sometimes we also need to have “refreshers”, go back to “grassroots” and not lose sight of our foundations, the basic knowledge that underpins our broad and deep experiences and skills. If I had to sit my driving test I am sure there would be few things that I could be failed on simple things that have been lost in the backwater so to speak.


The SPM is also for those of you that find yourselves delivering projects with very little background in project management and want to understand more and become better equipped. The material is here for you as well, starting almost from scratch.


Here the description “manager” is used, however note that the real role is much more around Leadership, Engagement and “Creativity”.